Artist P. R. Miller at
Stan Hywet
where he is artist in
We toured the
grounds at Stan
Hywet and saw P.
R.'s "bugs and
flowers and all
sorts of thing",
made from 100%
recycled materials!  
P. R. also goes into
schools and
teaches children
the "art of
recycling".  P. R.
Miller has been
recycling for 60
years, starting as a
child at a junkyard.
His art and his
philosophy is both
refreshing and
enlightening!  Visit
Stan Hywet Hall and
Gardens in Akron,
Ohio and meet P. R.
I love it!!!  A consignment shop that
gives you the feel of a major department
New To You Consignment Shop
Call 330-733-3903
at 161 Brittain Rd., across the street
from East Highschool does just that!
Open 10a.m. until 8pm six days a week
and 1-5pm on Sunday.
You'll find gently used furniture and
jewelry.  Antique clocks, victorian style
furniture, beautiful jewelry and more all
at consignment prices!
They also buy gold and estate sale items
and they will come out to your house and
buy/pick up your furniture, etc.
Plenty of FREE parking on the side and
in the back of the cute/neat as a pin
building!  Come on down and tell Mike,
owner you saw it hear or heard it on
Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on WNIR radio!
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You can also check us out on You Tube by typing in
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Buzzi's Laundry Service
With owners Dave and Lynn.  A very friendly and very clean place
where you will enjoy doing your laundry!   Located on the corner of 8th
St., and Graham Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Kirt and Hilda Bromley and
"Books for Africa"
They help to build libraries in Africa by giving them the
books and setting them up. They also train the staff!
40 libraries built!
Books, Donations
Volunteers,                 Needed!

Kirkpatrick, Artist
Call  330-952-0536
Order: "Art From The Heart", a DVD that will
teach you how to paint a beautiful painting in 1/2
hour that you wil love even without previous
"The Art of Living"
with Diana Ray       
Our Mission Statement
To help people live Every Moment,
Learn from Each Experience, And
Love is
the key!               
Host Diana Ray
Guys, I'm an Expressive
Jimmy and Carla on
State Road in Cuy.Falls,
Ohio with Diana Ray.

International Womens' Day
is March 8 and this year I
was invited to speak at the
event held at the
Carovillese Club on E.
Cuyahoga Falls Ave., in
Akron, Ohio.

The food was prepared by
the Carovillese Mens' Club
and it was fantastic!

Josephine Dickey and
Giovanni Hilj were
chairpersons and did a
wonderful job providing a
great atmosphere which
included plenty of

And the Carovillese Club
serves pasta dinners every
Tuesday from 4:00 - 7:30
Wow!  Did we have a ball this
winter 2009 with
Big Chuck Shodowski at his
booksigning in Cleveland,

As you can see from the
picture, the title of his new
book is "Big Chuck" and it is
filled with stories from his
40+ years on television in
Cleveland, Ohio.

He is retired but still performs
with "Little John" at various

People were coming up to the
table to get an autographed
copy of his book and they also
told him how much they
enjoyed his work over the

It was a great event!
ORBAN'S Flowers and
Greenhouse Owner Ed
Wrobel and his staff will
treat you like royalty! where
you can use your computer
while they use their's to
see 300-500 arrangements!
Fruit Baskets too!
Call 216-721-2110  
BB & T Grocery Outlet also
known as Bargains and
Treasures located at
3002 State Route 59 in
Ravenna, Township,

Bob Slone.  Up to 75%
off and extra special
sale prices!  Worth
seeing!  You'll save a lot
and you'll have fun
doing it!
5-3-09 at 5:00 p.m. on WNIR, 100.l
FM, we will                   feature Mr.
Terence Witt, author of
"Our Undiscovered
Universe,     Introducing Null

ISBN-10; 0-9785931-3-8
ISBN-13; 978-0-9785931-3-1
To order his book, contact:

Hear why Mr. Witt says "no" to
the "Big Bang Theory", and
"yes" to the theory that the
universe always was and
always will be and much more!  
Mr. Witt's theory is backed by
basic science and mathematical
fact, not speculation.
Listen today to 100.1 FM WNIR
to hear more from Mr. Witt!
330-865-6200 of A Kind Pets in Akron, Ohio is a
Pet Rescueand all dogs and cats have been
rescued orsurrendered.  Visit them today!  Next to
W.Point Market on W. Market Street!
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It all started with an administrative
assistant degree, then a degree in
Music (composition) and finally an MA
in Expressive Arts Therapy!  I've
worked with clients in a nursing home,
on an Oncology floor and in psychiatric
settings and still do!
"What's Up"? television show
coming soon to a channel
near you!  Should be fun and
we'll keep you posted!
All of these folks have
appeared on our show in
2008 and 2009.  Great
folks with great products.
This page is about them!