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Decluttering your home and your life!

Feel empowered by minnimalizing your
stuff at home, at the office and in your car!
There is something very therapeutic about
discarding stuff and giving it away to others.
Stuff zaps your energy and that's not a good
Begin by stopping what is coming into
your home.  Be a wise and careful shopper.
Look at one cupboard and assess what
you use and have not used in 6 months to
one year.  Then remove the items that are
simply taking up your space and energy.
Clutter free counter-tops are a must and you
will enjoy your new work space.
Try coming through your own front
door and ask yourself what you'd be thinking
if you were a visitor.  This is a great indicator
as to how your home appears to others.
One cupboard, one time and you'll
be a believer that getting rid of stuff is good
for you and your family!  
Get the kids involved by making it
a game to clean within a certain amount of
time with the winner getting to pick desert
for supper.
Decluttering helps you gain control
over your stuff and your life!
2nd Show with Wynn and Wilson
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      April 28, 2009

   Stress Reduction
Good Stress and Bad Stress have the
same effect on the body.  The Bad
Stress lasts longer and that is the

Opportunities, events, marriages, etc.
cause stress but it is Good Stress
because you know it will end and it does
in a reasonable amount of time.

Bad Stress from illness, death, job loss,
etc. has no definite ending and goes on
for a longer period of time. Long periods
of stress or chronic stress
can lower your immunity and cause
illness of the body and mind.

Eat right, get plenty of sleep, reframe
things (try to think differently about
them) during periods of stress.
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April 21, 2009, 8:00 a.m. - Ecopsychology
Merging psychology with nature, realizing
everything is connected.  We need nature to
feel complete.

Theodore Roszak coined the term.  Founded
the Ecopsychology Institute and wrote  
"Voice of the Earth".

Book: Rebecca Reynolds "Bring Me The
Ocean", bringing nature indoors to promote

Include nature in your life: gardening,
walking, feeling the earth!  You'll love it!
         July 6, 2009 with
Wynn and Wilson on 94.9
        11th Show

Sometimes we forget who we are and
who we are meant to become.  We are
caretakers, mothers, fathers, great
workers, etc. and suddenly we notice
that we've misplaced our true selves.

First of all, congratulate yourself on
your selflessness and your dedication
to others.  Secondly, you are not alone
as this can happen to anyone and does
happen to many, many people.
          11the Show Continued.

Now let's get busy finding the real you!

Set aside some quiet time in a quiet place
and jot down three words or phrases that
you would like to describe the real you.  Think
back to your childhood and reconnect with
your dreams.

Next, get a piece of paper and a pencil and jot
words across the top of the page such as
career, hobbies, spirituality, friends, goals,
education, etc.  Underneath each word rate
yourself from 1-5 with 5 being the highest
score for achievement in an area.  Do this
every other week to see if your score is rising
in your lower rated areas.  Concentrate on
one area a week to seek improvement.   Keep
your paper with your scores to see overall
progress in a month, two months and so on.
   11the Show Continued...

Start a scrapbook with each page devoted to
something you wish to accomplish.  Find
pictures and words from magazines and
paste them on each page.  This is your "Me"
scrapbook and it contains your hopes,
dreams and goals.  Have a scrapbook party
with your friends as they discover more about
themselves.  Then discuss with each other
what you've learned from the experience.
11the Show...

Learn to say "no" when
you have to.  Practice
a delay sentence such
as "I'll get back to you",
or "I'll let you know",
which gives you time
to think and make a
sound decision.  Too
often people,
especially women say
"yes" to so many
requests, that there is
no time at all for self
charging their own
11th Show...

Create your own
space or corner
in your house that
reflects your own
personality.  Call
it "your space"
where you keep
things like books,
a special cup or
anything that is
just for you.  Of
course you can
allow others to
experience your
space with your
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       Boost Your Self Esteem

Replace self-defeating thoughts with positive
affirmations. (View Affirmations on our site).

List all the things you do well.
Recount your past successes.
Recount compliments you have received.

Example of a positive affirmation:
"I do this _____   well."
"I have what it takes to succeed."
State each affirmation at least 10 times a day
out loud so your ears hear them and your
subconscious mind records them.

Look upon any past "mistakes" or "regrets"
as learning experiences that actually help
you go forward toward the person you are
meant to become.

Let Go of Perfection!
Your self esteem will soar as you
accept the true you!

You Are a Worthwhile person just as
you are!

Take up the things you need to
change now.

Don't rehash the past.

Set small daily goals for yourself.  This
will give you continued feelings of
success and boost your self-esteem.

Hang out with positive people.

Do something for others like

Explore your interests again.

Purge yourself of guilt. (See how to
on our site.)

Try something new like rearranging
your furniture or closet which makes
you feel empowered.

Always remember that you are
a special, unique creature
never before seen and one
of a kind!  
 4th Show with Wynn and Wilson
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                 May 2, 2009

How To Get A Job And Keep It

Know exactly where you are going for the interview
and don't be late.  Be early if possible.  

Do not chew gum.
Research the company and anticipate
questions and your answers by practicing
in front of a mirror to notice your body
posture and eye contact.

Prepare a couple of questions to ask the interviewer.

Allow the interviewer to talk perhaps even more than
you talk which gives the interviewer the impression it
was a good interview.

If they find out you were fired and ask you about your
last job and why, you can state that the problems that
existed then are gone.

Wear solid colors that promote stability like browns
and greys.  Avoid red.

Don't overdue cologne and limit jewelry.  Cover tatoos.

Do not bring cellphone, idpod or a drink.

Bring two copies of your resume and references.

Do not wear flip-flops, low riding pants and do not
have your bra straps showing.  Do not wear tight fitting
clothing or clothing that exposes your midsection.

Try on your outfit ahead of time.
4th Show with Wynn and Wilson
on WQMX 94.9 FM, May 2, 2009

A resume using your computer that is too
fancy is a distraction.

A one page resume is sufficient

List all certificates and courses taken.

List any technological expertise you may

Avoid fancy charts, graphs, pictures and

Keep it relatively simple and easy to
read and understand.

You may include why you think you would
be good for the job and this gives a sense
of confidence about yourself.

Have good eye contact but do not stare
without looking away occasionally as you
will seem to aggressive.

Have a firm but not too firm handshake.

Remember to smile!

Good Luck!!!
    12th Show
with Wynn and Wilson on WQMX
94.9 FM  July 14, 2009

Smile/Laughing Therapy

I was lucky (blessed) because my
parents taught us to always greet
people with a smile.

Sounds simple but as we all know,
there are times it almost seems
impossible to smile.

That's exactly when we should smile
as a form of therapy for ourselves and

When we smile/laugh, we release
"happy" chemicals in the brain.
Enough smiling can actually help us to
feel better during times of stress.  
When we smile or laugh our immune
function improves as we are more
relaxed. Smiling/laughing also helps to
reduce levels of cortisol (a stress
hormone) in the blood.

Smiling can also help lower blood

Smiling/laughing releases natural pain
killers in the brain and raises serotonin
in the brain which boosts our mood and
even helps with pain.

It's an instant face lift when we smile
and it's free!

Smiling helps you look and feel
confident.  This is especially helpful
at work.

Smiling is your body's way of telling
your brain that  you are well and
feeling good.

Our brains cannot tell the difference
between fake laughing/smiling and
real smiling/laughing.

Join a "Laughing Club" in your area.

The Taylor Library in Cuyahoga Falls,
Ohio  has a Laughing Club meeting,
Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.
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with Wynn and Wilson on
  WQMX 94.9 FM

Garage Sale Away!

Display cleaned/washed items for sale.

You can collect other peoples' rejects
after their sale by dropping by and
asking them if you could pick up the
items they could not sell.  We did this
for our charity garage sale and it
worked as those items did indeed sell!

Price each item and be prepared to
"dicker on the sticker" as people enjoy
doing this.

Group items such as dishes, baby
items together.  People are looking
for certain items and will go to the
specific sections.

Serve a beverage and have music
playing.  People will stay longer if
they are drinking a beverage.

Greet each person with a smile!

Avoid boxes on the ground.  Elevate
items for better visibility.

Offer a "buy one get one free" for
various items.

Keep your street signs simple with
words like "Sale" and then an arrow!
I'm Diana Ray, host of
"The Art of Living" cable
television show and host
of the same show on
"Advice Line Sunday" on

I'm an Expressive Arts
Therapist with an MA.
I use music, drama,
movement, writing and
art to help people
explore their feelings
and help them heal.

I will be joining Wynn
and Wilson at 8:00 a.m.
on Tuesday mornings
for a couple of months
and we will cover a
number of topics.
I hope to have podcasts
of our shows on this site
too so stay tuned!
              6th Show on WQMX
  94.9 with Wynn and Wilson every
           Tuesday at 8:00 a.m.

    Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Buy before you need to get the best prices.
Use coupons for needed items only.
Barter with major retailers.
Keep a price book listing prices paid and
receipts.  Look for times when the prices
were the lowest in your book where you
have all items listed with prices you paid.
Check all receipts after purchasing items for
Don't travel down isles of items not needed.
     11the Show Continued...

Start becoming You by not being afraid to
state your own opinions and to laugh out
loud.  Try not to focus on the person others
want you to be but focus on who you know
best, the real you.

Work outside of your comfort zone which
means taking some chances with new
ideas.  Remember, this is a journey and
you will make some mistakes along the
way.  Try to enjoy the process of "finding
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        Working with your Inner Child
We all have one from birth to the grave.
Sometimes it is too strong as an adult and
we have to get the inner child under control.

       Close your eyes and picture yourself
around 5 ot 6 years old  Picture yourself
wrapping your arms around it and
say out loud, " I love you and always will.  
I always will love you.  I'm an adult now and
you don't have to work this hard anymore."

       Then picture your inner child getting
small and smaller until it fits into the
palm of your hand.  Then picture yourself
placing it in your heart.  Whenever you look
down at your heart you can picture it looking
upward at yourself.  Send it all your love.

        Here are some tips for discovering if
your inner child is too strong in your adult
life.  Are you always throwing tantrums by
raising your voice and talking loudly to get
want you want.  Do you tend to personalize
everything which leads to hyper sensitivity
and your feelings are "hurt" a lot.  Do you
speak with a very high, childlike voice as an
adult.  These could be signs that your inner
child is "ruling the roost" for you even though
you are an adult!  If so, now is the time to
take action by practicing the above exercise.
           7th Show
 June 2, 2009 on WQMX
    94.9 FM @ 8:00 a.m.
How to affect change in your life!

Release the need for something in order to
change.  Exercise:  Go to a mirror and look
into your own eyes while saying, "I am now
willing to release the pattern that leads to this
(condition or thing) in your life.  Note:  Don't
worry that you do not have all the answers yet
as this will produce more resistance.

Your mind is a tool and the way you use it is
a habit that leads to change or resistance to
change.  Use your intelligence to gain
knowledge and help to change.

Repeat at least t0 times a day out loud,
"I love and approve of myself."

Repeat this phrase:  "I let go and release
_____(put in a situation, anger, negativity...)"
Then say, "I am at peace and I am safe."
            8th Show on WQMX,
               94.9 FM, 8:00 a.m.
                  Every Tuesday

 Negative People!

They can sap your energy, leaving you
frustrated, angry and depleted.
Confrontation is their game and there
is no value in that for you!

Resist the urge to "dance" with them.  
Ask them what they would
like to see done if they are your

Smile at them while they are talking
and then change the subject once they
stop talking.
This is no fun for them and they
will need to find a new person
to "dance" with.  

Getting to know a negative person
a bit may help diminish their toxic
effect upon us as understanding
their perspective or what they
have been through helps to promote
better feelings for that

Avoid talking a lot about how they
make you feel to other people as
your thoughts are yours and need
to be placed in a positive direction.
Learn to control them using thought
substitution whenever a
negative thought comes into your
mind.  Replace that thought with
a positive one even if you do not
feel positive at the time.

Do not confront a totally negative
person and if you have to use
avoidance as a way of staying
                   9th Show, June 23, 2009
               on WQMX, 94.9 FM with
                  Wynn and Wilson

We all need them for good health.  Vacations
promote creativity and recharge our batteries.
They also help to reduce stress and help
clear our minds.

Staycations are vacations at home.
Turn your backyard into a fun yard with
games, decorations, a pool, music, etc.
Invite people and have a theme party with
everyone bringing a covered dish.  Use your
grill and try not to use your phone or

Camping promotes unity and reconnection to
family.  Everyone needs to work together to
get things done.

When we connect with nature on vacation we
naturally feel better.  An ocean is calming and
beautiful gardens are inspiring.

So, don't put it off any longer.  You need a
vacation!  Enjoy!

            13th Show with
  Wynn and Wilson on WQMX
              94.9 FM
         Relax with Zen
Zen is part of the Buddhist tradition
It is non-theistic meaning it does
not address whether or not God

The practice of Zen can be used
along with other spiritual/religious
paths as a way to focus and clear
the mind.

Zen gardens, a Zen approach to
seeing and performing activities,
and zazen (a sitting form of
meditation) can all be used to
help clear the mind.

"Discover Zen", A Practical Guide to
Personal Serenity by David Fontana,
PhD offers a beginner's glimpse into
the world of Zen.  Creatively
illustrated and clearly written, this
book is easy to read and grasp for
the beginner.  Many exercises are
included in the book.
August 4, 2009 WQMX, 94.9FM with
.Wynn and Wilson in the morning
     Getting Back To Basics
Cook something from scratch.
 Bake with the children and then give
 it away to a friend or neighbor.
 Buy a candle-making kit or soap making
 kit and involve the entire family in
making         the items.
 Write a letter on paper and mail it.
 Shop at a thrift store.
 Listen to classical music.
 Read one chapter a day.
 Go without television for one day a week.
 Go camping using a tent.
 Hang your laundry outisde.
 Use a brrom to sweep outside.
 Have everyone write a two page
story                and share with each other.
    Say "please and thank you."
    Smile at work.
    Allow someone else to get ahead
of                 you in line or give them your cart.
    Perform a random act of kindness.
    Pray more often.
    Perform basic exercises like
jumping               jacks and push-ups.
    Ask someone how they are and
give                 them your undivided attention.
    Design your own flower arrangement.
    Make your own gift basket.
    Do  crafts with the children.
    Invent your own ways to get back to
the             basics in life.  Be creative
and                             think back into your
childhood for more