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Ecopsychology -
integrating nature      
(the ecology)
Professor Roszak coined the term ecopsychology in
1992 in his book, "Voice of the Earth".  

We can derive comfort, tranquility, peace and
inspiration from nature.

Distancing ourselves from nature can result in negative
consequences and lead to ecological devastation due
to a lack of empathy for nature.
Children need nature also as many
are watching too much television
and playing video games for many

This inactivity can lead to health
problems such as obesity, poor
physical fitness and
other mental, spiritual and health

One study shows that 10% of
children playing video games are
addicted to them.  Lying about
homework being done and how
much they are playing and
sneaking to play are some of the
Rebecca Reynolds advocates
bringing nature into contained
environments such as nursing
homes and hospitals.

Rocks, plants, water and
animals are fun for people to
interact with and learn about

Walk in a new direction.  This
builds confidence in your
ability to problem solve and
take on new situations.

Look at a tree, plant or animal
and ask yourself what you and
it have in common.  This helps
you feel connected to nature.

Garden!  It improves memory,
coordination, balance and
strength.  And, it takes your
mind off of your troubles.

Pulling weeds can be a
metaphor for getting rid of your
If you could be anything in
nature, what would you be and
If you could be a flower or an
animal what would you be and
Hospital Flowers

Be aware that scents
can cause sneezing
and allergic reactions
for some people (even
the roommate of the
person you bought the
flowers for.

Stay away from red and
orange flowers for a
person needing
rest as they can be too
Walk barefoot on soil and dirt as this
will really allow you to feel the
various textures in nature.  Also, your
foot will get a natural massage as
you walk carefully over any stones or

Be careful though if you have any foot
problems or are diabetic.  Always
ask your doctor if walking barefoot
outside is o'kay!
Guys!  I can come out to your place
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